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We’ve compiled all the questions and comments thus far from this blog, several forums and our email account. If you have any remaining questions, just let us know.

Deckard Version 2.0 Trench Coat by AbbyShotMay we have a look at the inside please?

Sure, here’s a picture of the lining. It’s a brown satin kasha lining.

Any inside pockets?
No inside pockets, however there are four pockets on the outside of the coat.

I feel the collar needs to be longer.
We agree, we’re currently making this change. Thanks everyone for the many images and detailed comments. They really helped. Our collar is ALMOST right, and just a little more tweaking will make it perfect.

Deckard Version 2.0 Trench Coat by AbbyShotCan I see what the collar looks like from the back, but with it folded down rather than turned up?
Ummm… Sure, why not? Here you go. Smilie: :-)

Can you tell me how v2.0 material compares in thickness to the mercury threads v1.0 version?
RDF is slightly thinner than the Mercury Threads. Not so much that you’d go, “Where’s my coat gone?” but it is technically thinner.

The fabric color doesn’t seem to be spot on yet, could it be a tad darker?
This is our interpretation, based on a combination of long-term study of a variety of photos showing a wide range of colours. Everything from tan, through red-brown, to chocolate brown! As several people have pointed out, lighting can play a huge factor on the displayed colour. After spending a lot of time sampling many different colours, this was the closest match we could get. We know it’s not 100% perfect, but the original coat was made over 20 years ago from fabrics that at the time were over 20 years old. That precise shade of rust-brown isn’t exactly common in the apparel industry any more, thus making it insanely difficult (dare we say, impossible?) for us to acquire today.

How waterproof/resistant will the new fabric be compared to the old one? Wearing a soaked raincoat is less fun in reality than in the movies.
Where was this person back in September! Smilie: :-) We are deliberately using a non water-resistant fabric upon the direct request of the Blade Runner fan community. Our version one Deckard uses the water-proof Mercury Threads fabric, but we were told to go with a more absorbant material for screen-accuracy, thus version two is made from RDF. This fabric is what we would call “mist resistant”, meaning that it won’t instantly soak through, but don’t expect to stay dry if you’re out in rainy weather for any length of time.

What sizes will there be?
The same as for Deckard V2.

Will it be available in “extra long”?
No, just the set sizes.

Speaking of long, the sleeves appear to be a bit too long.
Perhaps you’re right. We’ll look into that, thanks.

Will there be any options for the coat?
No selectable options. It comes standard with a full lining and four outside pockets.

How about alternate colours?
You can order it in black RDF as well upon request.

Do the outside buttoned chest high pockets actually have space or are they cosmetic?
They are real pockets that you can put things into.

The chest-height outside pockets seem to be a bit too far away from the center front…
You’re right, we’ll be moving them closer. Not too close though, the closer to the edge of the coat we move them, the smaller those pockets will become. We don’t want to move them so much that they become uselessly small.

Does v2.0 still have the zip out lining?
Nope, the movie version didn’t so since we’re aiming for more screen-accuracy, version 2 doesn’t either.

Will there be a price increase compared to the previous edition?
While we have incurred more R & D costs to develop version 2, the price will be the same as version 1.

When will the Deckard V2 be available for purchase? Also, how long will orders take to make once it is available?
Once the customer review ends on the 19th, we’ll be assessing all comments and depending on the level of final tweaking needed, it’ll be 3 to 4 weeks before the official launch of version 2. Once released, new orders of the version 2 will take the standard 4 to 6 week production time. Pre-orders of the Deckard 2 will be filled immediately and sent as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone for all the great feedback, we really do appreciate it. We’re doing the best we can to bring you the most accurate Deckard coat we can. We seriously pay attention to everyone’s comments and we’re looking forward to finally releasing this coat once everything has been finalized.


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