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Hi all,

Deckard Coat Colour ChallengeWe’ve been gathering responses on the fabric colour for the upcoming Deckard Trench V2 and we’ve been impressed with everyone’s eagerness to support us and to help us out. We went public about our difficulties in acquiring the perfect colour and several of you sent us some very helpful suggestions and info. We want to give everyone a full opportunity to really show us what they mean. This is where YOU come in.

Send us something that is the colour that YOU think it should be and we’ll compare it to our fabric. You can send us a photo, a paint swatch, a scrap of fabric, a hunk of wood stained the correct colour, anything at all really – so long as it properly shows us what YOU think it should be. If you’re physically sending us something, then send it to:


“Deckard Colour Challenge”
c/o AbbyShot Clothiers
75 Barbour Drive
Mount Pearl, NL
Canada A1N 2X3


Just in case it’s not obvious, please don’t send us anything damage-prone, decomposing, disgusting or dangerous. If you want it back, then you’d better include enough return postage, otherwise it’s ours… Smilie: :-)



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