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AbbyShot is a company that loves to travel. It’s always a thrill when we get beautiful photos of AbbyShot coats being worn by happy customers all over the globe (keep those pictures coming folks!), and it really drives us to get ourselves out there too! Nothing compares to seeing first-hand the reactions of people trying on an AbbyShot garment: they really transform themselves into a movie or anime hero! The best part is that an experience like this transcends all language barriers.

In the past month we were lucky enough to attend two VERY different but very fun conventions in two different parts of the world.

AbbyShot at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2007
1. The Toyko International Anime Fair 2007

We’ve definitely got a lot more to write about this one later in the week. From March 22nd to the 25th, over 107,000 visitors came to the Tokyo Big Sight convention center in the capital of Japan for the latest and greatest on all things “anime”. The two staff members that we sent have gotten over their jet-lag and sleep-deprivation, but are still having trouble putting their thoughts into words other than “AWESOME!”

It was a fantastic show that proved to AbbyShot that Japan loves our high-quality anime-inspired gear – what better compliment could you hope for? To see Japanese people happy and excited as they tried on coats like our Trigun inspired “Stampede Duster” or our Full Metal Alchemist inspired “Elric Coat” was such a great feeling! A perfect example: we saw the Edward Elric hand-clapping transmutation maneuver every time someone tried on this character’s striking red coat. One AbbyShot employee loved this move so much that he turned it into his personal trademark for the rest of the trip!

Exactly a week later, a different show awaited us in a different country.

AbbyShot at the FIRST Sci-Fi on the Rock 2007
2. Sci-Fi on the Rock

Let’s hear it for our hometown! Just this past weekend, our very own city of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada played host to a first-time convention called Sci-Fi on the Rock. It was quite a success, especially for the first try in a relatively small city like ours, attracting almost 800 people in one day (April 1st) according to the local news.

Anime was one aspect of the convention but certainly not the focus, as most of the events here involved light sabers in some way, shape or form. Our aforementioned roving AbbyShot employee hesitated to admit that he was soundly beaten by a nine-year-old girl in a vicious light saber battle. Unfortunately for him, Edward Elric’s hand-clap move doesn’t work magic in the harsh world of “Star Wars”.

The running theme of both shows was apparent however: people were just as amazed and excited when trying on AbbyShot garments! It became clear to us over the last few weeks that cool clothing just might be the new international language, understood by all. Maybe we’re onto something here! More news to report on Tokyo soon…


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