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Picture this. You’re out on the town with friends, and a certain someone has been giving you the eye all night. And you’ve been giving them the eye right back. There’s definitely some chemistry there. Sparks are flying. BUT you’re afraid to talk to them – you’re a little bit nervous. The night goes by too quickly, and soon enough you’re hearing the last call! This is the last chance my friend! You’ve got to make your move now or never!

Such is the situation RIGHT NOW with the AbbyShot Sunstalker trenchcoats: in one month these bad boys will be gone forever! But there’s never been a better time to own one of these amazing BLADE inspired trenchcoats. ALL of our Sunstalker designs are on sale for over 20% off starting TODAY, Friday, April 13th until Sunday, May 13th. After that date, they’ll be gone forever! Now is the time to act!

AbbyShot makes Blade Fans look GOOD in the Sunstalker TrenchHere’s the lowdown:

Pleather Sunstalker 1
Was $531 USD – Now $399 USD! (25% off!)

Leather Sunstalker 1
Was $1,140 USD – Now $875 USD! (23% off!)

Pleather Sunstalker 2
Was $558 USD – Now $399 USD! (28% off!)

Leather Sunstalker 2
Was $1,140 USD – Now $875 USD! (23% off!)

Other trenchcoats are just trying to ice-skate uphill. These screen-accurate designs look just like the ultra-cool coats as worn by Wesley Snipes in the first two BLADE movies. And they’re now selling for the best prices EVER. Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky?

Remember, after May 13th they’ll be gone for good! There’s no reason to wait, check out the AbbyShot BLADE Clothing Page now for all the info!


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