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AbbyShot Final Fantasy 8 Squall Jacket FrontNo sooner did we have our finished batch of new leather Squall jackets than we had our first happy customer! Melissa, one of our talented sewing staff AND AbbyShot’s resident “lover-of-all-things-Japanese”, took one look at our new Final Fantasy VIII inspired Squall Leonhart jacket and instantly knew that she WANTED it. So she bought the first AbbyShot Squall Jacket ever.

It was a momentous occassion and certainly a deserving photo-op, and she didn’t mind us sharing these two “sneak preview” pictures with you, the readers of this blog! As our newsletter subscribers already know, this jacket is slated for a full release at the end of April and will be offered for the excellent price of $229.00 USD. There is also a surprise accessory to go along with it, but we’re sworn to secrecy until the actual product launch!

We can’t wait to do our full photo-shoot for this amazing leather jacket!

AbbyShot Final Fantasy 8 Squall Jacket Back


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