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Candy One AbbyShot PageAs loyal readers of our blog and newsletters already know, AbbyShot has a great partner in Tokyo, Japan! The costume retailer CANDY ONE, located in anime-haven Nakano Broadway, is hard at work on a Japanese AbbyShot catalogue. We could not be happier – check out their excellent AbbyShot Coming Soon Page!

They’ve even got a cool Flash Animation on their main page that you don’t want to miss! AbbyShot x CANDY ONE = Greatness. We love it!

On the topic of Japan, here’s a final bit of nostalgia from our fantastic trip to the Tokyo Anime Fair: AbbyShot on YouTube! Get ready to be transported right to the AbbyShot booth at TAF2007!

We’re definitely going to be using our newfound YouTube skills much more as time goes on. It’s a lot of fun! For right now, if you’ve got any videos to share with us (especially videos featuring an AbbyShot product!) please let us know, you could be on our brand new “Favorites” list! What greater achievement could you hope for? If you REALLY want to be our best friend forever, please comment on our very first YouTube video right here!


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