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The very first Atlantic Internet Marketing (or AIM) Conference was held this past week in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, and AbbyShot was the talk of the conference! There are still a relatively small number of online businesses on the east coast of Canada, let alone an online business that sells clothing inspired by movies and anime! People were intrigued to say the least!

AbbyShot at the Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference
The AIM Conference was put off by a company called AlphaSearch, and they did an amazing job at pulling everything together in this first year! The whole conference was devoted to teaching attendees how to market effectively on the Web, and a number of speakers hit on some common themes that we here at AbbyShot really believe in. The main theme being:

YOU are in control, more than ever.

Yes, you, reading this blog! You, along with all users of the Internet, have more of a say than ever about what you want to experience online. You vote with your clicks, so content that doesn’t attract you won’t succeed online. Websites need to pull YOU in by giving you what you want.

It’s not a bad time to live in, is it? AbbyShot will certainly continue to listen to our users, now more than ever, through tools like this blog where we can get direct feedback from our customers and our fans.

So many great ideas from the AIM Conference are still rattling around in our heads – we met so many great people (even a few fellow Canadian bloggers) and we had such a great time! We’re hoping to be back next year to make even MORE of a splash. Now a question for all you readers: what do you think the main trends on the Internet are these days? Do you agree that the user has the control? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments!


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