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Doug Takes his AbbyShot Mad Max Jacket ON the Road!How does one improve on superb accuracy and detail? I mean the jacket is fantastic enough, the gloves add even more and then AbbyShot also supplies the badges!! Something was still missing though. The jacket needed some wear and tear – so off I went to Australia to visit some filming locations. One of the most memorable scenes is when Max gets his knee shot and is rolling around on the road reaching for his sawed off shotgun. He also manages to get his right arm run over by one of the bad guys motorcycles…. I had to replicate this ‘road rash’ with my jacket in the exact same spot… enjoy the pic.

The Boomerang Kid from the Road Warrior, all grown up.I got to meet some great people there, both fans as well as people who were involved with the Mad Max films. Remember the little kid in The Road Warrior with the boomerang? This is him at age 33!

Doug in his AbbyShot Mad Max Jacket with an AMAZING Mad Max InterceptorI also visited most of the other locations including the MFP headquarters and naturally the jacket made it so much more enjoyable. The Interceptor is owned by Nelson Tromp of Sydney who was trusting enough to let me drive his fantastic Falcon around some of the locations.

Big thanks once again to the gang at AbbyShot for bringing dreams into reality!!

Doug McQuillin
Niagara Falls, Ontario


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