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We’ve received some great customer feedback recently that we would like to share with everyone. Some are just pictures, while others have written us about their new AbbyShot purchases. Without further ado, here it is:

Linda, California

I wanted to let you know that the Kill Bill Jacket is totally awesome! I receive many comments on how cool the jacket is every where I go and from all ages. It’s a real head turner and is as authentic in every detail to the jacket in the movie. I also want to thank the staff at AbbyShot Clothiers, their customer service is marvelous, they are friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.
Kudos all around.

Matthew, Australia
Hi to all at AbbyShot.
Matthew from Australia in his AbbyShot Lobby Trench
It’s been over a year now since I received my Matrix Lobby coat, and damn, does it still impress me, let alone the people on the street. I just wanted to let you know how many comments I still get on this amazing coat, which puts me in a very difficult position…..

Do I tell them where I got the coat? Or do I not, and ensure I am only one of a few in Australia who own such a magnificent item? Well, since I am so impressed with the coat, I told them where to get it….gotta share the joy, right?

Anyway, I have attached a pic of me still enjoying the coat, feel free to use it if you wish

yours truthfully



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