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AbbyShot at the Manufactured Right Here Show

Would you think that a sewing machine would be a sexy addition to a trade show booth?

When the show is called “Manufactured Right Here”, then it’s downright appropriate! AbbyShot attracted LOTS of attention at the 16th annual Manufactured Right Here exhibition in our local city centre of St. John’s. It’s a trade show where local companies from our relatively small Canadian province called Newfoundland & Labrador can show off the diverse mix of products and services that are locally provided.

AbbyShot at the Manufactured Right Here Show

AbbyShot decided to take the exhibition’s name VERY seriously by bringing a (heavy!) sewing machine to our booth to make a few Enigma coats right there on the spot. We say “Manufactured Right Here” and we really mean it! It completely stole the show, giving the AbbyShot Team lots of press coverage including a lovely piece from our finest local newspaper, the Telegram. It’s worth checking out just for the picture of our AbbyShot VP under attack from a coat.

The most fun part though, as with all shows we attend, is seeing the reactions of people when they come to our booth! Especially here in our local market, movie and anime fans are blown away when they see our brand of cool clothing being made in their own province. We definitely gained a few local fans like these two new friends of AbbyShot: Motoko and TALL Elric (!?!) in the picture below.

AbbyShot at the Manufactured Right Here ShowTravelling the world is great, but sometimes it’s nice to get a bit of recognition from the folks here at home! Huge thanks to everyone at the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters for putting off a great show.


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