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AbbyShot Clothiers' Squall Jacket, Inspired by Final Fantasy 8
We’re so happy to announce that our new Squall Jacket is now available! It’s got ALL the features of Squall Leonhart’s leather jacket from Final Fantasy VIII, especially that trademark fur collar that we all know and love. We’ve even gone BEYOND the game and made the collar removable. A “surprise” accessory is also being released today, the specially-commissioned Griever Pendant!

The Squall Jacket is available right now for the special one-month release price of $229 USD (with the price to increase to $249 USD after July 5th), while the Griever Pendant is available for just $29 USD either as an extra option with the jacket or on its own.

Not only does the jacket look great but we were also VERY impressed with our model: he WAS a real-life version of Squall! Once he put on the jacket and the belts, we felt like we were inside Balamb Garden instead of our own local university. The photo shoot went so well that we shot and edited a sweet behind-the-scenes video (above) that is now up on YouTube for your enjoyment.

Of course, the coolest pictures from this excellent shoot are all up on our Squall Jacket Product Page. This is definitely a leather jacket that no Final Fantasy fan should be without!


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