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Customer E-mails: June Edition!

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A new month brings more excellent e-mails from happy customers! We love hearing from you – please keep those messages coming. We have two great messages (with pictures!) to showcase this month, so here they are:

William, USA

Hi AbbyShot,

Thanks for providing great customer service. Enclosed are pix of my own vest and that great Sunstalker II trenchcoat. The pix are of me in full Blade mode with a few good friends, Denzel & Trinity of the Matrix. These were taken at an audition in Orlando for the television show the Next Best Thing. If you tune in on ABC, you may see my audition aired. I got the boot by the judges but I got some good exposure/did some good networking.


Best Regards,



Akiyoshi, Japan

Akiyoshi in his AbbyShot Deckard CoatHello!

I received the coat. It is a splendid article.
This coat makes me feel like deckard.
The size was just good with 36.
I am very happy now.

Arigato gozai mashita.

Akiyoshi (Japan)

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