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In case you missed our latest newsletter (and why miss it when you can Sign Up?), AbbyShot has some tasty news for you:
The Deckard Version 2 is NOW AVAILABLE!

After months of tweaking, perfecting, and then tweaking some more, our first run of Deckard coats is almost complete and ready to ship. The first batch is going to our true believers who unofficially PRE-ordered the coat before it was even finished. Thanks so much for your trust in AbbyShot guys!

As a special bonus for the blog, we’ve got some detailed pictures below of the final Deckard Version 2 that even the Product Page won’t show you. This is in no way our professional photo shoot though, that will be coming very soon!

If you want to be next in line to own this amazing Blade Runner replica, the Product Page is right here! You know what to do!

As you can see, there are many shades to Deckard! We absolutely wanted to test it out in different lighting conditions to show you that what you see in photos is not always what you get. Our photographer definitely has his work cut out for him over how to light this one for the photo shoot!

Deckard Coat from AbbyShot Deckard Coat from AbbyShot
Another important element we had to show you: the infamous Deckard collar! We’re so happy with how this turned out.
Deckard Coat from AbbyShot Deckard Coat from AbbyShot
Finally, two pictures to show off the collar all buttoned up and the back of the coat. Note the first-aid kit in the picture on the left: something Deckard would have been happy to have during his adventures! The only thing we didn’t get a picture of was the coat in its soaking-wet state (how it spends much of the movie), but this is our first sample so we had to resist!

If there are any pictures you need to see that aren’t on here please leave a message in the comments! Remember, the Deckard Version 2 is now available right now!



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