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Wow, it’s just starting to hit us: AbbyShot is FIVE years old today! We started creating our amazing coats back in 2002 and with the help of all our loyal customers and supporters we’re still living our dream today!

We celebrated with a bit of birthday cake and reminisced about all the good times.

Adam Bragg and Bonnie Cook celebrate 5 years for AbbyShot!Adam Bragg and Bonnie Cook celebrate 5 years for AbbyShot!
We fired up our trusty projector and showed some pictures from the past 5 years! We figured we’d share some of these with you, with a few stories too.


2002 – The Beginning!


AbbyShot in 2002 AbbyShot in 2002
The company started on July 18th, 2002 with an exciting dream: to make the best movie-inspired clothing in the world! Back then we had only a handful of products and even fewer staff!

AbbyShot in 2003

The First AbbyShot Birthday in 2003! Don’t Ask.



The year 2003 marked our first time at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, where we met the incredible Mike Tate, showing off his Sunstalker coat above. After 1 year, we knew we were onto something good!



2004 was the year of AbbyCon, when we sent out an open invitation for customers to come party with us. Our good friends Evan and Karen (yes, AtomicFerret!) from Atlanta heeded the call and had a great time in lovely Newfoundland.


AbbyShot in 2005 AbbyShot in 2005

2005 was truly the year of the Browncoat at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and the AbbyShot girls rocked in their beautiful Zoe Vests. Most people DON’T know that it was also the year of awesome Christmas decorations on our front window (Thanks Erin)!


AbbyShot in 2006 AbbyShot in 2006

So many good memories, but one really stands out. Once again the AbbyShot girls were turning heads at Dragon*Con (a yearly occurrence!) with the first Kill Bill Jackets.


AbbyShot in 2007
The above picture is one of our happiest memories from this year (so far): the whole team there when we won the “Newfoundland & Labrador Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development Exporting Award of Merit 2007″. Good times for sure.

Before we go, we have a quick blast from the past for you. Do you remember THIS? It’s AbbyShot’s website circa 2003! Let’s do the time warp again…

The AbbyShot Website, Circa 2003
Thanks for all your support over the years everyone!

The AbbyShot Team




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