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This one has been a long time in coming. Check out this prototype of Kaneda’s Pill Jacket from Akira. It’s made to our usual standards of quality. It is fully lined and made from a deep red leather. It even has the iconic pill inset into the back of the jacket!

Kaneda Jacket from Akira, Collar DownKaneda Jacket from Akira, Collar Up

Kaneda Jacket from Akira, Back View Now that you’ve checked out these pictures, please send us your feedback. We’re making this jacket for YOU, so we want your opinion on all aspects of it. We want to finalize everything quickly too – we know how badly you want to own this! So we’re asking everyone to spend the next 3-4 days and check out the pictures, re-watch the original anime, compare it to the promo poster, dream about it – do whatever you need to do to evaluate this and then get back to us with your opinions by the end of this weekend. We’ll take everyone’s critiques and immediately move forward on this, so don’t delay in telling us what you think!


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