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We’re continuing to work on this design and your various comments and questions this past week were extremely helpful. We’re currently revising our design to take some things into consideration. Here are replies to what people are asking us so far.

Square buckles vs. snaps
We’ve done some searching among buckle manufacturers and haven’t been able to find anything that is even close to the appearance of the drawn version. So rather than delay this product for many months with a search for a buckle which may not even exist, we decided to go with a more functional approach.

Manga vs. Anime versions
We’re making the Anime version. If you want the gang slogan on your coat, you’ll have to get it added afterwards by someone else. To include that on the jacket would make it significantly more expensive for us to offer.

Sizes vs. custom fit
We’re making it in set sizes – Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Custom fit would drive the price up and in a jacket length jacket with an intentionally loose fit, this would be a wasted service.

What kind of leather?
The leather is cowhide and is 0.9 – 1.1 mm thick. Suitable for recreational wear, not intended as professional racing gear.

How about darker leather at the shoulders?
To keep costs down, we’re just using a single leather type.

What does the collar look like done up?
We’re actually working on making the collar even more screen-accurate, so we’ll have improved pictures of this later. We’ll be sure to include variations of up, down, open, closed, etc.

When will it be available for purchase?
VERY soon, during August 2007 is our tentative goal, however we’re not promising it this soon as we have a LOT happening in August and September.

$499 USD

Thanks for the continuing feedback. More updates as they exist.


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