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This month we’ve got an awesome “e-mail and pictures” combo that deserved a blog post unto itself! The following is from Cory down in Reno, Nevada, USA, although everyone here at AbbyShot thinks he should change his name to Malcolm Reynolds! He’s out in the desert in his AbbyShot Browncoat, looking JUST like the Captain of that famous “Firefly” class ship! Check it out below!

yes I have received my browncoat, and am very pleased. The clasps are excellent replicas and the quality is top notch. If your looking for constructive criticism im afraid you wont find much here. Its a near perfect replica, as a matter of fact the only difference I could see is the color of the suede is off from the original deerskin, but from my limited understanding of hides and fabrics I’m not sure you guys have control over that. Anything else you guys need from me feel free to send me an email. Fits like a glove too, was very pleased with that! Thanks for the great work!




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