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The end of summer was an exciting time for AbbyShot as we brazenly took on two cons in two weeks! Yes, we’re still in the recovering stages right now but we’ll be alright.



Con #1 – Fan Expo 2007!





The Crowd at Fan Expo 2007 in Toronto


This massive con took place in Toronto, Ontario from August 24th to the 26th, and there’s no doubt that this is the biggest fan convention in Canada. There really was a little something for everyone: horror fans could visit makeup artists to get that “recently slashed up” look, gaming fans were treated to the “World Series of Video Games”, Star Trek fans could meet Jonathan Frakes, and Adam West fans could, well, meet Adam West!

The Rocketeer visits the AbbyShot Crew An Enigma and a hat: It kind of works!

The Rocketeer visits the AbbyShot booth (top), and one man dares to combine our Enigma Trench with a hat! Your results may vary.

Of course, fans of high-quality replica clothing looked no further than our AbbyShot booth! It was our first time exhibiting in the Toronto area, so many new fans were introduced to the wonder that is: AbbyShot. Judging from the pictures, they liked what they saw!

The AbbyShot Pill Jacket makes an appearance Real-life Motoko Kusanagi Visits the AbbyShot Booth at Fan Expo!

Blonde Kaneda in the Pill Jacket during its first public appearance (left), and the real-life Motoko paid a visit to our booth and tried on our GIG Shrug. Cool!

Con #2 – Dragon*Con 2007!



Dragon*Con size crowds at the Marriott Marquis

Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia is an annual tradition for AbbyShot, and it continues to be a thrill year after year. It took place from August 31st to September 3rd, and when the crowds poured into the Exhibition Halls we understood why they call the place “Hot-lanta”! The people were great, the costumes were fun, karaoke rocked once again, and the AbbyShot booth was hopping for four days straight.

Silent Bob in the AbbyShot booth Adam Bragg becomes Alucard at Dragon*Con

Party in the AbbyShot booth with Silent Bob (top), and VP Adam Bragg gives us: Alucard!

It was great to catch up with old friends at this con (especially the Browncoats), and there were even a few new fans introduced to AbbyShot for the first time! Not very many, mind you; we’re well on our way to taking over Atlanta! When our AbbyShot gear looks as cool as it does in these pictures, you can easily understand the appeal!

Wolverine loves AbbyShot, and their Vereen Jacket! The Bride loves AbbyShot, and their Kill Bill inspired jacket!

Vereen Jacket from AbbyShot (left), and Beatrix Kiddo dons her Bride Jacket and prepares to KILL BILL!


Were any of you (our readers) lucky enough to visit either of these cons? If so, share your convention highlights with us in the comments! If not, then what conventions should we attend next summer? Let us know – we’d love to hear about your favourite con!



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