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AbbyShot has created an original Halloween product that you can really sink your teeth into! Dubbed “The Cloak”, this long flowing garment (made from our beautiful pleather) is an amazing addition to anyone’s Halloween or Gothic wardrobe. Your options are numerous as well: black or red lining, and either a Dracula-style high collar, no collar, or a deep hood. The video above shows off the movement of the Cloak featuring the optional hood.

Call it a cape, call it a cloak – either way it’s available now!

The Cloak is just one element of our Halloween plans for this year: we’ve got a rare opportunity for you to purchase our classic hand-made coats at unheard-of prices. Until October 12th, unlined versions of our set-sized coats are available at discounted prices, perfect for Halloween shopping! How cool is this sale? You can get our Matrix-inspired Lobby Reloaded trench for only $242 US!

See the entire AbbyShot Halloween Sale Page here!

Happy Halloween!

UPDATE (Sept. 21/07):
We’ve had a request for a detailed shot of the AbbyShot Cloak with the wide collar option. Here it is!

AbbyShot Cloak with Wide Collar


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