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Wow, so many great Sephiroth comments!
Thanks everyone!
We figured it’s better to address them in a whole new post to make sure everything is covered.

We’ll start with: The Plan As It Stands Now!

VERY soon, we are going to release the coat (with minor tweaks) as a set-sized item only. The specifications are:

- Black Pleather (Fabric)
- Black Kasha (Lining)
- Highest Possible Level (of Awesomeness)

Now onto the excellent points that were brought up:

1. Shoulder Armour / Strapping:

As some have guessed, we are working “behind the scenes” on this one, using all the connections we have in order to find a company that can make shoulder armour that is up to our high quality standards.

We can’t make any promises though; this is still in the discussion stages and will not affect the initial release of the coat itself.

2. Different Fabrics / Options

To us, offering the coat in our premium Pleather was the perfect balance of a quality look and great value for you, the customer.

However, if you want this design made in Stretch Twill or in real Leather (or even with a custom collar as someone mentioned), you can certainly feel free to e-mail us and we’ll discuss a custom order with you. If there’s enough demand, who knows, a Custom Sephiroth-inspired trench may become a full-time product too!

3. Collar details

Astute reader PSAOManga commented that our collar might need to be a little sharper on the ends (and he also gave everyone a link to an awesome video from Japanese PSP game “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII”, to point things out. Watch the video for sure, it’s great!).

We actually think our collar is pretty freakin’ close, but we realized that our pictures didn’t QUITE show it well enough. So here’s a new close-up view of the collar.

AbbyShot Sephiroth Inspired Trench Coat - Collar Closeup
4. Removeable Silver Cuffs

Sephiroth’s silver cuffs would be a cool addition to his coat, but one that we will not be able to offer. Buying some silver (or silver-y) bracelets that snap closed around your wrists will have the same effect, with the added bonus being that you’ll KNOW that they’ll be a good fit for you!

5. Length of Coat

Some were concerned over the length of the coat, and we assure you – there’s nothing to worry about! It’s designed to be a mid-calf length coat that just looked shorter because we had it on a VERY tall mannequin (which we realized later). Ankle-length we feel would be too long for this particular design, but you can always e-mail us to discuss customizations as I stated earlier.

6. Buckles!

You guys (and ladies) were right: the buckles on our coat do start too high above the waist. The first buckle will be moved down to around where the second buckle is in our previous blog pictures (I hope that makes sense).

7. Back of the Coat

Wingtorn asked if there were any pictures of the back of the coat. Ask and you shall receive!

AbbyShot Sephiroth Inspired Trench Coat - Back View
If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions about this coat, please let us know as soon as possible here in the Comments! The release is coming VERY soon. Note the use of CAPS.

Don’t forget to “Name this Coat” as well – we’ve had a TON of great name suggestions in the Comments to our previous post, so cast your vote now in the Comments below!

UPDATE (Nov-8-07): Our Sephiroth-inspired trench has now been released, check out our latest blog post for all the details!


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