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So I walked into the AbbyShot Production room yesterday and saw a great-looking Stampede Duster that was JUST finished in time for Halloween. It was so nice I had to take out the camera, and the picture looked a little something like THIS:

AbbyShot's Wonderful Stampede Duster from TrigunCool! Our sewing staff really does a wonderful job with this coat, the quality is top-notch as always, and I’m in awe. Unfortunately I’m easily distracted and I look away for a minute (I probably saw something shiny, or a kitty, or a 20-dollar-bill, who knows?). I looked back and saw THIS:

AbbyShot's Wonderful Stampede Duster from Trigun - with no arm?
Something’s very wrong with this picture. But WHAT?


After some frantic moments, our sewing staff assured me that this was indeed SUPPOSED to happen. One of our very creative customers has a boyfriend dressing up like Vash the Stampede from Trigun for Halloween this year, and he wanted to look as accurate as possible with the crazy metal arm and all.

So they asked us: “Can you do a removable, zip-off sleeve?”
And we thought: “Great idea!”

Here are some close-up views of this cosplay masterpiece (click for the larger views):

Close-up of Removable Zip-off Sleeve on AbbyShot's Stampede Duster from Trigun Close-up of Removable Zip-off Sleeve on AbbyShot's Stampede Duster from Trigun
So next time you have a customization idea or request: Let us have it! We’ll be very honest so if we reasonably CAN do it, we will. We love cool ideas (like this one!).

If you want your very own Stampede Duster with a removable zip-off sleeve, then e-mail us for sure and we’ll be happy to do it for you!

So what do you think of this particular idea? Any other cool cosplay ideas for our products? Let us know in the Comments! Finally, for everyone attending Halloween parties this weekend: have fun and be safe!


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