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Pierry sent us these great photos of him wearing his leather Mentor Reloaded trench. The first two shots are from an afternoon visit to his favorite local comic book shop, then we’re treated with a glimpse into his Halloween party that night! So THAT’S what Morpheus wore under his trench coat! Who knew?

Donn sent us another great pic of him wearing his Deckard V1.0 Trench. He even has a replica Blade Runner blaster pistol. Does he look the part or what?

Lisa W. sent us this great picture from HER Halloween party where she wore her new Kill Bill Jacket. Apparently it was a great hit with everyone! Looking good, Lisa!

That’s all for this month. We have some more photos we’re holding in reserve for next month, plus there’s lots of time yet for everyone to send us more photos. We love seeing people in their AbbyShot gear, so send in those “Oics”!


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