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Last week we sent out a special e-mail to Metal Gear Solid fans and now we’re making things public.

The question is: Do YOU want to PRE-order a FOXHOUND Trench?

Fans of Liquid Snake and Solid Snake from this popular video game series have been asking for this trench for a while now, but we’re trying to do things a little differently this time around.

We’re testing the waters to see how many people are willing to pre-order now so we can create a SPECIAL, LIMITED-EDITION batch of these fine coats for the few, the proud: the true fans!

We’ve got a FOXHOUND Coat Page on our AbbyShot site with all the details about this limited-time offer (including price, delivery time, everything you need to know!). We’re looking for 100 interested fans for this one-time batch, so send us an e-mail today at “info@abbyshot.com” to join the ranks of the FOXHOUND group!


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