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Customer E-mails – February Edition!

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We love sharing awesome customer e-mails and photos with you every month, and this time they’re better than ever!

We start with Sean from the USA, who actually submitted some great photos of his Lobby Reloaded Coat in July 2007! He goes with a totally different gothic look here in his Malice Mizer Custom. Great shots, and an awesome e-mail too, see the excerpt below the 1st pic:

Sean in his Malice Mizer Custom from AbbyShot
The number of comments and compliments I receive when I go out in this coat is unreal, and the effect of the fabric is even moreso, if that’s even possible. More than anything, I hope my images will serve as incentive for more people to commission the construction of one of these beautiful garments, because everyone with the money to purchase one owes it to themselves to do so, quite simply because, like all of your other garments, the Malice Mizer is gorgeous.

AbbyShot is the greatest custom clothier on the planet, complete with fantastic customer communication, product standards, and unique ideas. Don’t ever stop doing what you do.

Sean in his Malice Mizer Custom from AbbyShot
Next up is Peter from Vienna, Austria who tells us of a man who is quite possibly the nicest guy on the planet. Not only did Andreas buy a Max Jacket for himself, he also bought 2 more for his friends! Peter’s great e-mail is below, along with 3 superb pictures of the Max Jacket in the bike shop:

Peter and friends in their Max Jackets from AbbyShot
here are some pictures of the three mad max jackets my friend andreas ordered.
since we saw the movie about 30 years ago, we wanted exactly this type of jacket but we never found some which look exactly like in the first movie and in this excellent quality.

best wishes from vienna/austria/europe!
peter, andreas and suppi

Peter and friends in their Max Jackets from AbbyShotPeter and friends in their Max Jackets from AbbyShot

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