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Some things are just better together:
Peanut butter and jelly.
Batman and Robin.

Let’s add another one to the list, shall we?
Squall and Griever!

For TODAY ONLY (Friday, March 14), you’ll get a Griever Pendant for ABSOLUTELY FREE with every Squall Jacket ordered! That’s a $29.00 CAD savings!

AbbyShot's Squall Jacket and Griever PendantYes, Griever – the personification of Squall’s teenage angst, taking the form of an awesome lion-headed pendant. You know you can’t live without it!

Why? Because a Squall Jacket just isn’t the same without Griever. So there’s really no better time to pick up this great Final Fantasy inspired item: get your Squall Jacket (with free Griever Pendant) today!


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