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Now THIS is what you call “personalized service”!

If you’ve ever wanted to buy an custom-fitted coat from AbbyShot (and who doesn’t really?) then today is your day!

For today only (Saturday, March 15th), when you order an AbbyShot Custom coat we’ll personalize it with YOUR INITIALS for free!

That’s ANY custom coat too: Enigma Custom, Lobby and Lobby Reloaded Custom Designs, Mobil Ave Custom, and Malice Mizer Custom!

The only rule is: three initials please! Anyone with 5 middle names will have to pick their favourite one!

TECHNICALLY, it doesn’t even have to be your initials. It could be three letters that mean something special to you.

Maybe you really enjoy the word “RAW”? Perhaps you want to go piratey with “ARG”? Our Production Staff would probably go with the letters “DTM” (our weekly “Design Team Meeting”!).

The main goal: have fun with it!

We look forward to making an extra-special custom coat for you, just make sure you order it TODAY to take advantage of this awesome special!


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