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Remember those books from when you were a kid? The ones were you read a little bit of some cool adventure story, and then at bottom of the page it would say something like:

“If you want to go UP the hill, turn to page 29.”

“If you want to go DOWN the hill, turn to page 47.”

Page 29 would keep the story going, where you continue to trek across the Amazon rainforest.

Page 47, however?

THAT page would probably have you falling off a cliff into a bottomless pit of certain doom.

Our final promotion of the launch week is like a “Choose Your Own Adventure Book”, only without that pesky “certain doom” option!

You can get in on ANY OR ALL of the promotions below if you order today!

You want an AbbyShot T-Shirt? GREAT! Griever Pendant with your Squall Jacket? Sure!

Order TODAY (Sunday, March 16) and any or all of the following deals could apply to you:

1.MONDAY: “Bust-ing Out Our New Site!”
Enter to Win TWO Matrix Busts courtesy of redplanettoys.com (retail value: over $100) with any order of a Matrix-style coat!

2. TUESDAY: “Casual Day at AbbyShot”
Every Customer Gets a Free AbbyShot T-shirt!

3. WEDNESDAY: “I Want to Be Like Max”
Every leather jacket ordered this week gives you a chance to win MFP car decals courtesy of madmaxcars.com (retail value: over $100)!

4. THURSDAY: “Browncoat Payday”
Buy a Browncoat or Zoe Vest & receive Serenity replica cash from quantummechanix.com!

5. FRIDAY: “The Fantasy Duo”
Receive a FREE Griever Pendant with every Squall Jacket ordered!

6. SATURDAY: “Initialize Your Custom Coat”
Get your initials inside any CUSTOM coat ordered, for free!

So there you go! This is a day where we are opening the proverbial floodgates to let the deals flow, so if you’ve been on the fence about ordering: wait no longer!

This is your day.


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