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The Making of AbbyShot’s Originals!

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AbbyShot's Designer - AimeeThree original products hit the new site during the launch week, creating a lot of curiosity and excitement. What better way to dig deeper into these originals than to talk to Aimee, the designer herself!

(As an interesting note for AbbyShot regulars, Aimee was our lovely “Malice Mizer” model on the previous version of our site!)

An AbbyShot Original Coat: The Agent AAgent A

Q: This beautiful ladies’ coat is getting some amazing reactions from site visitors. What inspired you to create this design?

A: Well, I keep up on the latest trends in the fashion world, and raglan coats for women are becoming more and more popular. I really enjoy high collars too, so I combined all this into a design that I would like to wear!

An AbbyShot Original Coat: The Informer

Q: One customer told us that this new design reminded him of Peter Petrelli’s coat from the TV show “Heroes”. Was this a part of the origin of this coat?

A: Actually, the origin had nothing to do with that (although it is cool!). We had a local customer come to us who wanted something different and custom-made. He really admired our “Mobil Ave” but wanted something that fitted more closely around the neck and could handle the extreme weather we have here! So the Informer was born.

An AbbyShot Original Coat: The NavigatorNavigator

Q: This garment is significantly different from the rest of the AbbyShot catalogue. What were you trying to achieve with this design?

A: I feel this coat reaches out to a very wide audience. It is a peacoat inspired design but we made it our own. The collar is very distinctive and we added a touch of leather there as well to make it very rich and comfortable to wear.


Q: A lot of people are wondering: are there any more Abby Originals in the works?

A: Yes! There are definitely more “Coming Attractions” because I love the creative brain power involved in making these original garments. I can’t give too much away, but expect more cool originals in the future!

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