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New Grandfather Clock Option = HOT!

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AbbyShot Coats Now With Grandfather Clock!
In our quest to bring you the coolest clothing on Earth, we’ve developed a sophisticated new feature for ALL AbbyShot garments that will ensure that you’re ALWAYS on time:

The AbbyShot Grandfather Clock!

This “ahead-of-its-time” timepiece has been sadly neglected in the past few years with the advent of, well, wristwatches. But AbbyShot is bringing the Grandfather Clock back! It doesn’t come free with the coat – it’s actually SEWN INTO the lining for a more functional approach!

Running late for that 5pm subway train?
A quick glance at your Grandfather Clock (and a long, painful stumble down a flight of stairs later) and you’ll probably make it in time for the 7pm run.

Our Design Team is still scratching their heads over how this amazing feature is going to fit in a GIG Shrug. Yeah, they’ll figure it out.

So with AbbyShot, time is always on your side!

Stay tuned for news on our upcoming trench coat / parachute combination! Any interested testers out there? We’re having a hard time finding volunteers…


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