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Two types of leather gloves made for an intriguing new addition to AbbyShot’s product line in the past month, and the blog is the perfect place to let you know more about them!

Associate Gloves: $29

Our first black leather glove is sleek, sophisticated, and the perfect addition to ANY AbbyShot coat. Since it complements all AbbyShot garments so well, we decided to call it “The Associate”!
Black Leather Adjustable Driving or Costume Cosplay GlovesIt works as a driving glove. It could be your next cosplay accessory (perfect for your next convention!). It can be the finishing touch with any AbbyShot outfit, featuring anything from our classy Matrix coats to our gothic Enigma Trench. It’s even adjustable with a convenient snap closure at the wrist! The Associate Gloves are always ready to work for you!

Gentry Gauntlets: $39

Our second leather glove style is gothic and bold with a touch of the medieval: it’s a modern-day Gauntlet!
Black Leather Medieval Gauntlet Style GlovesLabelled the “Gentry Gauntlets” because “gentry” was the name for those of noble background in the medieval times, these black leather gloves fit in anywhere you want to make a bold statement!

Their “gauntlet” style would fit in well for cosplay at conventions or Renaissance Fairs. They could also work great on a motorcycle (with large cuffs to keep the wind out!). There’s even a touch of science fiction in this design (could be a hero OR a villain, you decide!).

The best part is, if you order any or both sets of gloves WITH an AbbyShot coat or jacket, there is no additional shipping charge! By themselves, a set of gloves costs only $14 CAD to ship ANYWHERE in the world! Just select “Canada Post – Small Envelope” for your delivery method.

Check out our AbbyShot Accessories page to see our leather gloves along with our growing list of great products that “fit in” with any AbbyShot order!


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