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Blog readers, the time has finally come: AbbyShot’s Akira inspired garment, the Pill Jacket, is now available to order!

That’s right, our modern take on Kaneda’s classic jacket is out there at last! Here’s our official Press Release – make sure to read to the end to read about the important role of this blog in this release!

AbbyShot Pays Homage to Akira with New Leather Jacket
“Pill Jacket” Released Today, Inspired by Ground-Breaking Anime Film
AbbyShot's Take on the Akira Jacket, the Pill Jacket - Front View
Mount Pearl, NL, Canada – May 1, 2008 – AbbyShot Clothiers, world leaders in film and anime inspired clothing, have today released a leather jacket inspired by the classic anime film Akira. The film’s hero, a young biker by the name of Kaneda, dons a famous red jacket with a large blue and white pill on the back. It was this timeless image that inspired AbbyShot to create the “Pill Jacket”, in a year when Akira and anime in general are getting a lot of mainstream attention.

The 100% leather Pill Jacket is now available on the new AbbyShot website for $499.00 CAD, at the following link:


AbbyShot's Take on the Akira Jacket, the Pill Jacket - Back View2008: Landmark Year for Akira
This year – 2008 – is the 20th anniversary of Akira, and Warner Brothers studio recently announced that they will film not one but two live-action Akira movies, the first for release in Summer 2009. The studio is describing the movie as “Blade Runner meets City of God”. As anime fans already know, Akira has both a strong story and great action, including futuristic motorcycle chases and a secret military project that threatens Neo-Tokyo with an explosion of epic proportions.

AbbyShot and Akira Fans
Prototype pictures of the Pill Jacket were originally released on the AbbyShot Blog for fan feedback, and over time vocal supporters pushed for the release of AbbyShot’s modern take on this design. Here is just one example of the many positive comments received on the blog:

I say definitely go with something which can be worn everyday! An athletic streamlined fit like a real motorcycle jacket is essential. I don’t want to wear an oversized baggy jacket. The pics look good. Let’s get it done so I can order.

AbbyShot has recognized that, 20 years later, Akira fans want to pay tribute to this classic anime with a modern approach to its leather jacket. The Pill Jacket combines the excitement of wearing Kaneda’s jacket with a functional garment that can be worn everyday.


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