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It’s been an exciting end of the week here at AbbyShot because we had a GREAT article written about us on SciFi.com! It’s in their Reviews section under “Cool Stuff” (of course!) and it’s a wonderful A+ Review of our Deckard Trench coat!

Here’s just a small excerpt:

One great thing about this coat is that it is timeless. It evokes an era of 1940s Humphrey Bogart, but also an era in the future when police cars fly and replicants roam the streets. You could wear this coat and get several different reactions. First, you’d get “Oh, that’s a nice trench coat” from people who are not in the know, and better yet, from people who understand, you’ll get “Wow. Blade Runner!” It really is a real, wearable coat for any occasion on the one hand, and on the other it’s a loving homage to a film that many of us consider one of the best SF films ever made.

On another cool note, our Akira inspired Pill Jacket was mentioned on Ain’t It Cool News! It’s a part of “Scott Green’s Anime AICN”, featuring all kinds of fun anime news.

Enjoy the articles, and have a great weekend!


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