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The AbbyShot Team recently got a HUGE surprise in the mail thanks to a very kind and generous customer. A mystery package arrived and was full of something we NEVER would have expected:

The AbbyShot Team with their Foster Farms Chickens, Courtesy of Terri HardinTerri Hardin, who recently bought our Lobby Reloaded Wool Custom, actually designed these wonderful chickens for a Foster Farms ad campaign. Terri is a very talented designer who has worked as a puppeteer for the Jim Henson Company (how cool is that?!) and she even has her own great blog:


So these chickens were cool enough as a gift and have already taken their places around our sewing room and offices, but we had to put the AbbyShot touch on them. Observe…

BFPSIMI/AAAAAAAABAQ/uWqwgFpS_jM/s1600-h/AbbyShot-and-Chicken-Backon.jpg">Smilie: 8OBFPSIMI/AAAAAAAABAQ/uWqwgFpS_jM/s400/AbbyShot-and-Chicken-Backon.jpg" alt="Neo Chicken in his AbbyShot Matrix Coat - Back View" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5196887906757779650" border="0" />Why, who is that mysterious and dashing figure in black?
It can only be: The Neo Chicken!

UVPSINI/AAAAAAAABAY/3cVqHEcWDAc/s1600-h/AbbyShot-and-Chicken-Fronton.jpg">Smilie: 8OUVPSINI/AAAAAAAABAY/3cVqHEcWDAc/s400/AbbyShot-and-Chicken-Fronton.jpg" alt="Neo Chicken in his AbbyShot Matrix Coat - Front View" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5196888237470261458" border="0" />Saving fellow chickens from the Matrix is all in a day’s work for the Neo Chicken.
Now if only he could find time to go to a tailor to shorten that coat…

HUGE thanks again to Terri for this wonderful surprise!


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