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After releasing a line of popular black leather gloves for men, it was time that we showed our respect for the ladies!

We have three new glove designs that are well-suited for women who enjoy a sophisticated and distinctive style. Perfect on their own or as accessories to our AbbyShot coats, these gloves have “star power” written all over them!

Dark Maiden Gloves: $79

Become a Dark Maiden! These black leather gloves have a gothic edge that will no doubt enhance the “dark side” of your wardrobe!

The Gothic Black Leather Dark Maiden GlovesThey would work perfectly alongside a corset or with any outfit that has a gothic fantasy or sci-fi feel! These long lace-up leather gloves fit like a second skin, and can only be described as sensual.


Hepburn Gloves: $79

Our second long glove design has the timeless movie star quality you’ve been looking for!

The Classic Opera Length Black Leather Hepburn GlovesThese opera length black leather women’s gloves would be perfect for your next elegant night out. Wear them and feel like a classic goddess of the silver screen!


Mansfield Gloves: $59

Our third new ladies’ glove design is a shorter version of the “classic movie star” glove.

The Elegant Mid-Length Black Leather Mansfield GlovesThese are mid-length women’s gloves that are perfect when you want an elegant look in a shorter and more functional design. When you want to feel like a movie star in your everyday life, these are the leather gloves for you!


These glove designs are so striking that (even before their official release) they were picked up by a premium local ladies’ boutique called Johnny Ruth. If you’re in Newfoundland, Canada they are available there, if not, then abbyshot.com is the place to go!

All of these beautiful new glove designs are now featured on the AbbyShot Accessories page and (like all our accessories) if you order them WITH an AbbyShot garment, there is no additional shipping charge! By themselves, a set of gloves costs only $14 CAD to ship ANYWHERE in the world! Just select “Canada Post – Small Envelope” for your delivery method.


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