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We’ve got some amazing e-mails this month, so let’s jump right in!

The first comes from Brenna who skates in a women’s Roller Derby league where the slogan is: “Hurt in a Skirt”! Even cooler is that Brenna is a huge fan of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and goes to all her bouts in a great Motoko Kusanagi costume – with the AbbyShot GIG Shrug being the ESSENTIAL piece of the ensemble!

I just received my shrug… It’s magnificent!

I’m a costumer myself, but leather is one of the things I don’t sew. I’m so glad I took a chance on you guys! I’ll be mentioning you very favorably indeed wherever I can.

I am involved in my local roller derby league , and my registered derby name is “Major Kusaknocky.” I’m not skating this year, but I try to look as fabulous as possible in my present role as Bout Coordinator. This shrug is about to become the gem of my bout night wardrobe!

Thanks a million!

-Brenna, AKA ‘Major Kusaknocky’
Wisconsin, USA
Bout Coordinator to the Mad Rollin’ Dolls

You can check out her Roller Derby League at www.madrollindolls.com!


Next is an e-mail that just came in from another happy customer of our women’s jackets, this time it’s a review of The Bride Jacket inspired by (of course) the Kill Bill movies.

I picked up my kill bill jacket yesterday at the post office. IT IS PERFECT!!! I love it!! I can’t help wearing it around the house just so i can see myself in it each time i pass the mirror in the hall!! The only thing I might have preferred would be if it were slightly heavier, thicker. However, it is so accurate!!! I was afraid it might have the look of a halloween costume, you know, kind of plasticky and not the kind of thing you could wear down the street and get away with it. But not at all. So, all in all: congratulations, i’m really pleased with it.

kind regards,

Jess from Spain“

Big thanks to Brenna and Jess for the excellent e-mails!


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