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Howdy folks!



We’re looking for some opinions about a design we’re working on and there doesn’t seem to be a Town Hall handy for a proper meetin’. This’ll have to do:


Are you a Browncoat looking for the perfect gift for that special someone?
Someone who saved you from the Reavers?
Sprung you out of an Alliance lock-up?
Shot a man because he looked at you funny?

We may have just the thing.

AbbyShot Presents the Firefly Inspired Jayne Hoodie! Better than Ma's Hat.Everyone worth knowin’ has got a Jayne Hat – now AbbyShot is taking Firefly fandom (or as we like to call it: good taste) to a whole new level:

Presenting the Jayne Hoodie!

Inspired by everyone’s favorite PR man, mercenary, Hero of Canton, and all-around fun guy – Jayne Cobb! – this is a red hoodie you can wear around town and mix in just fine with the locals. But when the mood strikes you, just pop the hood up and you’re showing your true Browncoat colors!

As a special bonus, we plucked a designer from the ranks of illustriousAbbyShot Presents the Firefly Inspired Jayne Hoodie! Hero of Canton approved. Browncoats (goes by the name of Artcat!) to make us a graphic of Jayne’s dragon tattoo that we’ll be adding to each and every Jayne Hoodie.

The Jayne Hoodie will be up for grabs in a range of unisex sizes (S to XL, tentatively). Click any picture for a larger sized version!

Now we’ve got a few questions to throw out to you:

1. What do you think of this hoodie? Would you change anything about it?

2. Would you buy it for a retail price of $69.00?

3. Would you want the pom-pom on top for the true “Jayne Hat” look?

4. Would you be interested in having a “special group rate” for your Browncoat fan club? (If so, send us your details!)
AbbyShot Presents the Firefly Inspired Jayne Hoodie! Good PR.
Now, this product isn’t a 100% done deal yet. We’re looking for reactions to gauge exactly if and how we’re going to release this design. Please get back to us by e-mail (“info@abbyshot.com”) or by commenting here on our blog!

We’re opening the floor for discussion until June 30th. If we get a goodAbbyShot Presents the Firefly Inspired Jayne Hoodie! Shiny! reaction then there’s a good chance that the Jayne Hoodie will see the light of day!

So give us a holler any way you please before June 30th. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Stay Shiny,
The AbbyShot Team


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