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Well folks, it’s official:
AbbyShot’s Jayne Hoodie is a go!

AbbyShot's Jayne Hoodie - Shiny!Turns out this was an offer most Browncoats couldn’t refuse, so we’re working our hardest to get a stock of these hoodies ready to ship within the next two months!

Thanks so much for your great feedback here on the blog and in e-mails – we’re all closer than the crew of a Firefly class starship now! We’re listening to your opinions too, so let’s address a few points from the comments so far!


… is now standard issue!
And as sweet_h20 very eloquently said:
“And beside, it can always be cut off by ne’er-do-wells who don’t like it.”
AbbyShot's Jayne Hoodie - Stylish!
2. Sizing

We’re adding sizes XS and (the hotly requested) 2XL to the size chart for this hoodie.

3. The Main Colour

Some weren’t too sure about the main colour red of the sample. For the final version we’ve chosen a deeper (almost crimson) red that will look awesome.

4. Incorporating the ‘Earflaps’

A few commenters were wondering if the earflaps of Jayne’s hat could somehow be incorporated into the design. We actually considered this in the VERY early stages of the process, but we quickly realized that it wouldn’t work out (without looking like a hoodie with a Jayne Hat sewn onto it!).

AbbyShot's Jayne Hoodie - Cool!5. Artcat’s Tattoo

This is going to look SO COOL, especially with the new deeper red. We’ll be putting it on the left upper arm in the final version, exactly where Jayne has his tattoo! Have you seen the temporary tattoo versions she’s got on her site? Beautiful work! Big thanks to Artcat for a great job!

6. Pricing

With the standard issue pom-pom, awesome tattoo, and a deeper red fabric colour, we’re thinking that the $69.00 price point is going to stay.

HOWEVER, for the entrepreneurial among you, a discount may well be in your future! The idea of a “special group rate” for Browncoat chapters seemed to go over well, so we think this may be a great compromise. We’ll give you more details on this discount as the release of the Jayne Hoodie approaches (let’s just say VERY SOON!).

7. Thank you!AbbyShot's Jayne Hoodie

Thanks again for ALL your feedback, and we’ll be sure to post here again as soon as we have a release date for you!

Stay shiny, and fly safe!

The AbbyShot Team


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