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The month of August may have to be renamed “Matrix Month” here at AbbyShot, because we received a whole bunch of great pictures and reviews of our Matrix Coats out in the “real world”. Let’s hear what these Neo fans have to say!

First is Lucas from Ohio, USA who owns a Lobby Trench ordered from AbbyShot way back in 2002! As you can see, his trench still holds up today, SO many years later. Here’s Lucas:

The Lobby Trench is still holding up pretty well, I’ve attached one photo from about a year ago. The color is a little faded (note the color of the kasha lining is still pretty black compared to the outer twill) and it’s received some small “bullet holes” over the years from wear, but it’s still fantastic. Everywhere I go, I always get compliments on it and have dropped the Abbyshot name on several occasions. Thanks!

This next picture comes from Asad, a fellow Canadian from Toronto, Ontario who has worn his Lobby Reloaded Wool Custom in some interesting situations:

I got my coat, I am totally in love with it! Reactions are amusing and mostly positive, venturing out in public with it definitely causes heads to turn (although that is not the reason I got it, I just love the design). The latest reaction was a homeless person calling after me ‘Mr. Anderson!’ LOL

Finally, we have a Matrix coat review from “down under” – this is David from Australia, talking about his new Lobby Trench from AbbyShot:

Coat arrived yesterday in Australia!! The quality of the coat is awesome, I really like it, (and I’m especially fussy) Smilie: :-) Seems to fit well too! Thanks for getting this to me on time, I really appreciate it. I’ll be looking forward to testing it out over the weekend at the event I’m going to. Very nice work, I appreciate quality and attention to detail. Thanks again and thank those who actually made the coat for me!

Big thanks to each of you for your e-mails! We love hearing from our customers, so please don’t hesitate to e-mail us with your pictures and product reviews. You might be featured on the AbbyShot Blog next month!


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