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AbbyShot's Firefly Inspired Jayne Hoodie!We’ve got some extra-shiny news for you today: the Jayne Hoodie is now available to order from AbbyShot!

NOW you know what to wear:

  • To your next shindig!
  • To go visit your “Ma”!
  • To party it up in Jaynestown!
  • To steal from the Blue Sun Corporation!
  • To rustle up some black market beagles!

A BIG THANKS goes out to our blog readers who took the time to comment on the “Jayne Hoodie in development” – we couldn’t have made this without you! All the features you want are included (the pom-pom, the tattoo, the colours), making this one awesome Firefly inspired hoodie!

Another big thanks goes to Artcat who made a very cunning recreation of Jayne’s dragon tattoo that we’re including on all Jayne hoodies (on the upper left arm of course!). As a special treat, she’s even offering the design as a temporary tattoo on her website. Shiny.

I think the awesome folks at Serenity Stuff may have described this best. The Jayne Hoodies really are:

Original items that pay homage to versy things with creativity and style, while piquing the interest of newcomers and delighting any Browncoat who sees you and says “Wha…?”

You can be a trailblazer in your corner of the ‘Verse – grab your Jayne Hoodie today!


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