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This is definitely one of the nicest e-mails we’ve ever received from a customer. Daniel (from beautiful Denmark) sent us great photos and a video (embedded at the bottom of this post), but what he wrote about his new Lobby Reloaded Wool Custom was just wonderful. Without further ado:

Dear AbbyShot team

Today, my Lobby Reloaded Wool Custom arrived! According to UPS, it was delivered at 13:51, local time, so when I got home from school an hour later, the package was there waiting for me. I was very thrilled, but I had to endure the wait for my father to come home half an hour later because I wanted him to see when I opened the package.

When I finally opened the package (which is not easy when your hands are shaking with anticipation!), I instantly felt the soft textures of the wool. I let it unfold before my eyes (literally and figuratively!) and I just stood there, astounded. It was exceptionally beautiful and I was amazed at how screen accurate it actually was. Pictures do this coat no justice at all!

As I unbuttoned the buttons (still with shaking hands, making it no easier than opening the box) and put it on, I felt how well it fit me. Everything from the sleeve length to the length of the coat was absolutely perfect, and somehow you had still managed to build in some growing room, making sure I can enjoy it for many years to come, if not for the rest of my life. I also particularly like the surprisingly deep pockets.

Though it is a heavy coat with thick materials, it is at the same time thin, light, and elegant – truly a mark of excellent and skilled craftsmanship. It sways gently behind me as I walk, billows beautifully around me as I turn, and generally makes me look and feel so good.

When everything is said about the coat, I also want to thank you for your fantastic customer service. You have answered every single one of my numerous and petty questions with the patience of saints and I see now that I never had a reason to doubt your expertise. The coat was made and sent on time, even literally making it half the way around the Earth from Canada to Denmark in 5 business days.

In conclusion I must say that the people at AbbyShot are deeply professional, service minded, and, well, damn fine people! You have to look long to find a business so focused on the customer and the quality of its products. If all businesses were like yours, the world would undoubtedly be a better place!

Best regards

Daniel, a very happy customer from Denmark


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