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Our new Jenova and Enigma coats started shipping to lucky customers last month, and already the rave reviews are pouring in!

Let’s start with an e-mail (and pictures!) from a Kingdom Hearts fan who just received his new Enigma coat:

Dear AbbyShot,
I am writing to tell you all that my Enigma arrived a few weeks ago and that I am very excited about it.

Even though plenty of people have said it before I’ll say it again here, You Guys Rock! Even after reading all of the different reviews I still always worry about my first order from a new seller and I am always delighted when I find these worries unfounded. Every detail here is immaculate and of the highest quality I have ever encountered. The details are so fine that even during the few times I’ve worn it so far I still almost imagine myself as a member of Organization XIII. I am so pleased with it that the only reason I have waited this long to write you about my praise was so I could include some good pictures to go along with the letter and show the coat in use.

Thank you again for a new addition to my collection of things which are slightly “strange.” I find myself getting slightly excited when I think about being able to wearing it this Halloween.

- Jared
California, USA

We also received many e-mails from happy Sephiroth fans, VERY impressed by their new Jenova trench coats! Now THESE are some excellent reactions Smilie: ;)

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!1111(one)

Fits me great, which I was really worried about because I’m a pretty small (5”6’) and lightweight (125 lbs.) guy. This was worth every single penny spent and I can’t wait to put it to some good use, whether that is a costume party or maybe a goth/industrial club.

Keep up the great work, and if the prices on the Enigma stay where they are, I’ll be getting another one of those in a couple months. YOU ALL JUST KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!!!

Your fan for life,

- Jace
Michigan, USA

Here’s another Jenova Trench review, from our home country of Canada:

Just to say WOW I picked up my jacket from the post office and had to rip it out right there in a parking lot to try it on and it is 100 times better then I expected, fits like a glove, looks incredible.

Now I’m a real Super Villain!


- Jason
Ontario, Canada

Thanks so much for the e-mails guys!

These two gothic coats are perfect for Halloween, but durable enough to last for years to come – why not join the legions of happy customers and order your own? As long as you place your Jenova or Enigma order by October 20th, you can BE Sephiroth or a new member of Organization XIII for Halloween night, just like these fine gentlemen! Smilie: ;)

Happy Halloween!



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