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Have you ever wanted to ride around Tokyo on a red motorcycle, shouting “TETSUO!!!!“?

If you have, then we have got the Kaneda Jacket for you!

If you HAVEN’T… well, once you put this leather jacket on you just might. Smilie: ;)

Yes, it’s AbbyShot’s one-and-only Akira inspired Pill Jacket – now with brand-new photos showing off this awesome garment in greater detail, including some subtle design tweaks that make a great jacket even greater!

AbbyShot's Akira Inspired Kaneda Jacket - The Pill Jacket! (Back View)As you can see, the “Capsule Gang” Pill design on the back is still just as cool, we’ve left the two snaps on the sleeve cuff, but we’ve taken some of the elastic out at the bottom of the coat so it’s not QUITE as tight around the hips. It wouldn’t be a Kaneda jacket without the elastic, but we’ve just toned it down a bit for more comfort!

AbbyShot's Akira Inspired Kaneda Jacket - The Pill Jacket! (Front View)Here’s the front view of the jacket. Everything looks ALMOST the same in this photo – except for something only the keenest eyes will be able to spot. This calls for a close-up shot!

AbbyShot's Akira Inspired Kaneda Jacket - The Pill Jacket! (Close-up of collar)Ah-ha! Instead of the previous snaps on the collar, those crafty AbbyShot folks have switched to a metal buckle. This more closely mirrors the jacket that Kaneda wears in the classic anime.

Check out our Pill Jacket product page to see even more new pictures! This is the ultimate Akira jacket – combining the style of the film with a modern-day appeal – making this the ultimate gift for the anime fan!

Order your piece of Neo-Tokyo today!


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