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We love the month of November here at AbbyShot, because we know we’re going to see a bunch of awesome pictures roll in from Halloween time (and Halloween parties!). This year was no exception – lots of customers put their AbbyShot purchases to good use and took some excellent pictures of the results! Let’s dive right in…

AbbyShot Silent Bob Coat - Customer PhotoLet’s start off with a happy Silent Bob Coat owner! I think it’s safe to say he looked the part Smilie: ;) In case you haven’t heard the news, the Silent Bob Coat is available to order right now in all sizes!

I ordered the Silent Bob coat on September 29th in hopes that it would arrive by Halloween. As promised, the coat arrived in 3-4 weeks…. just in time. The coat is perfect in every detail and great quality. Even the small detail of the button was a great touch. And good quality too! Me and my friend had a great time hanging out in front of the QuickStop convenience store getting looks and a lot of laughs. Thank you!
Oregon, USA

Next we have a customer who looked like she was ready to “Kill Bill” in her awesome Bride Jacket! This leather jacket is soon to be discontinued, so if you’re interested make sure to order now before it’s gone!

AbbyShot Kill Bill Jacket - Customer PhotoHi Guys & Gals!

I recently received my Bride’s jacket and I am totally blown away!!! When the AbbyShot box arrived on my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to get inside and open it! {I almost trampled the dog coming up the stairs!} When I opened the box, I was speechless! The jacket was so nice I was almost afraid to touch it!, but that didn’t last for more than a couple of seconds, I just had to try it on! I have never owned a jacket that was so perfectly fitted, including several that were custom fitted for me!

I wore it all that day, and almost cried when I had to take it off that night! [I almost slept in it!] The jacket is the center piece of my rather extensive KILL BILL artifact collection! The workmanship is impeccable, and absolutely screen accurate! I can’t begin to tell You how thrilled I am with it!!!

To You and Families please have a healthy, happy, and wonderful holiday season!!!

Your new friend,

These next two photos came to us through our Facebook account – if you use Facebook regularly, be sure to add “AbbyShot Clothiers” as friend! We like friends Smilie: :)

This a good friend from the UK who took some cool shots of his new Jenova Trench, our Sephiroth inspired coat!

AbbyShot Sephiroth Coat - Customer Photo 1He attached a lovely little note for us too:

I’d just like to thank you folks again for just being the most awesome clothing company ever.
Long may you continue!

- Graham,
United Kingdom

AbbyShot Sephiroth Coat - Customer Photo 2Last but certainly not least we have great pictures and a review from Matt in the US, who looked like a perfect Neo this past Halloween in his Lobby Trench Custom coat.

Only on Halloween can you see Neo standing next to Honest Abe Lincoln… Smilie: ;)

AbbyShot Matrix Coat - Customer Photo with Abe Lincoln AbbyShot Matrix Coat - Customer Photo with Full Costume View

Dear Abbyshot,

After what had to have been the longest week in my life, waiting for the coat to get here once it had shipped, I finally received it just in time for Halloween and a slew of Friday night parties. I had been trying to put together an authentic Matrix costume since June and I have to say it would have all been for nothing if not for this amazing coat.

The moment I pulled it out of the box (lots of tape! lol) and slipped it on, it fit like a glove. The size was perfect and the tail of coat hovered perfectly above the floor like a puck on an air hockey table. Your tailoring was superb! And the way that black kasha catches your eye with that shine every time you get a peek at the inside of the coat, takes your breath away! Not to mention how incredible it feels! I thought maybe I had been overpaying for the coat, but now that I have it and now that I can see the craftsmanship that went into it – I can safely say I would have paid twice that much! (I’m still glad you didn’t charge that much! lol) Its so sad that you guys are ending this line of coats! They are incredible!


AbbyShot Matrix Coat - Customer Photo with an Agent

Every party I went to turned heads – and I was instantly recognizable as the character I
wanted to portray. People complimented me all night on the detail and authenticity of the coat – random people were running up to me and asking for pictures! People I didn’t even know! After all the parties, some friends and I decided that we just had to get some action shots of your amazing handiwork and called one last ‘abbyshot’ that night under a large flood light. I’m sending them to you as a THANKS for your incredible, incredible work!

One satisfied customer,
- Matt
Louisiana, USA

AbbyShot Matrix Coat - Customer Photo with a Battle Raging

As Matt referenced in his review, all the AbbyShot Matrix coats will be leaving the site on December 31, 2008 – so if you want to style like Neo (and Matt!) be sure to get your order in before then!

We literally had too many pictures come in this past month for one blog post, so if you DID send in a pic and it’s not here – not to worry! You’ll be here on our blog (in fine company!) soon enough!

Thanks to everyone for the great pictures, and keep ‘em coming Smilie: ;)


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