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Can you believe it’s 2009 already? Let’s start the new year off right with some great customer e-mails!

First off is a new customer wearing one of our now dearly-departed Matrix coat designs! This is Remy in Ireland, styling in his Lobby Reloaded Trench. He actually posted these pics on Facebook and tagged us, so be sure to add “AbbyShot Clothiers” as a new Facebook friend like Remy did Smilie: :)

Next we have a great pic from Justin in California USA, who purchased a special Enigma coat in our October Closet Sale. And would you look at that, January has brought us a New Years Closet Sale! (what a coincidence Smilie: ;)

Here’s Justin’s review:

“I received my coat a week or so ago. A special Twill Enigma, and it is beautiful! Couldn’t be happier! Like my first abbyshot coat, which is a Stampede Duster, I get compliments on my coat constantly from random strangers on the street. You guys do great work and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase, once again! Keep up the good work guys!”
- Justin

You can get a great deal on a great coat just like Justin – if you check out our newest Closet Sale!

Another Matrix coat review came in from Björn in Sweden, and he was very happy with his new Lobby Reloaded Custom! Which makes us very happy indeed! Here’s a quote from his e-mail:

Hello Abbyshot,

I´ve just received my coat from you and It´s amazing! It fits like a glove. If I knew it was this good I would pay double what I paid. Thanks a lot for the great work. You are the best!

Here´s a picture of me wearing it!

Thanks once again!

Best Regards,

Björn, Sweden

We will end off now with an e-mail from Gavin in the UK, who just received his Lobby Reloaded Custom Here’s what he wrote:

I collected my coat today. And it is amazing. It truly is! I’m very impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship that has gone into it.

I have also been very impressed with the customer service. Its a small thing, but I like how you’ve signed your name on the emails. Instead of just the usual Customer Service Team you usually get.

Thank you for this.

The only thing I’m disappointed in, is that you’re stopping production. As I would of loved to have collected the other two.

Kind regards,

Gavin, UK

It’s true, the end of the Matrix line has been a sad time for many – but all good things must come to an end (as they say). With that being said, we’re still filling Matrix coat orders here in January so if you REALLY want to place “one last” Matrix coat order this month, just contact us with the Matrix coat that interests you and we’ll see what we can do!

We look forward to a lot more happy customers in 2009, so keep the e-mails and pictures coming! And of course, big thanks to this month’s contributors!


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