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New Photo Contest – Win Free AbbyShot Gear!

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We’re starting the year off with a fun new photo contest! As announced in our January Newsletter, we’re asking you to answer this big question by the end of this month:

Where’s the coolest place in the world to wear an AbbyShot garment?

Answers must come in the form of a photo!

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an exotic locale either, maybe there’s a cool looking place in your local area that really sets off a particular AbbyShot Coat! Our Squall Jacket Photo above was actually taken at our local university in lovely St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

Who knows what interesting locales might be in your own backyard? Make your photo cool, make it creative, but most of all, make it fun Smilie: :)

We’ll compile the top pics here on our blog, and you’ll get to vote for the best of the best! The all-time winner will net themselves a 100% FREE Kingdom Hoodie and AbbyShot T-Shirt!

Voting will happen in March, so we’ll need your photo submissions by March 10, 2009 (Previously February 28, 2009).

There are 2 very easy ways to submit your pictures (pick the best one for you):

1. E-mail your photo as an attachment to “info[at]”, or

2. Add “AbbyShot Clothiers” as a friend on Facebook and tag us in your photo of choice!

Just be sure to tell us it’s for the “Photo Contest 2009″. If you sent us a photo previously that you think would be perfect for the contest, please send it again.

If you’re already one of our Facebook friends you’ll notice that we have some awesome submissions so far! Don’t forget to throw your hat in the ring and send in your best photo – you never know, you could be the winner Smilie: ;)

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