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It’s February and our monthly e-mails feature is starting off with a little “Valentine’s Day” twist! We were in the mood for love when we saw these amazing wedding photos that a customer sent us earlier this month. The bride was in a beautiful wedding dress and the groom was in a beautiful Leather Sunstalker Trench from AbbyShot. Holy matrimony! Let’s see those awesome pics! Smilie: :)

Hey, just dropping a line to tell you that my Sunstalker trench coat you made for me was perfect. As I said before that I was going to wear it for my wedding on Dec 7 2008. I promised to send a picture or two. My wife loved it.

Thank you for making my wedding day complete,

British Columbia, Canada

Next we have a great photo and review of our Vereen Jacket, from “south of the border” in Mexico! Wait a second, that’s actually south of 2 borders for us here in Canada Smilie: ;)

Hi AbbyShot:

I love the jacket, it has great quality better than ive imagined.

great job you really did a great replica.

Attached is a photo of me wearing the jacket.



Our final e-mail and picture for this post is from our second fellow Canadian for this month in her new Firefly inspired Jayne Hoodie! Here’s what Lindsay had to say about her experience with AbbyShot:


I’m just emailing you guys to let you know that my gorgeous Jayne Hoodie arrived today! It is even more than I’d hoped for. It fits perfectly and the tattoo is so wicked, even better than I thought it would be. I know that I can walk down the street in this and not be afraid of anythin’! I’m wearing it to classes tomorrow.

Thank you so very very much!

Ontario, Canada

Big thanks to our three contributors this month! We can’t do it without you. There’s no better time to send us your pictures because, just in case you haven’t heard, we’re having a photo contest where you can win a free Kingdom Hoodie and AbbyShot T-Shirt! So send in those pictures and hopefully we’ll see you right here next month.


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