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The month of March is here already, so it’s time once again to look through our Inbox for your awesome e-mails! We start with a very topical review of our Ghost in the Shell inspired GIG Shrug. This beautiful leather shrug is (coincidentally enough) available to pre-order now in ALL sizes!

Here’s what hako had to say:

It took a few days longer than expected to get here, but it was well worth the wait. I’m the female half of a brother-sister cosplay team, and in my experience movie replica clothing tends to look cool but feel rather unpleasant to wear around – not so with the GIG Shrug. Not only is it well made and wonderfully screen accurate, it’s extremely comfortable and actually looks good outside a convention hall. It’s also the perfect extra layer when it’s just cool enough to want to have something keeping your shoulders warm but not cold enough for a full-blown jacket. I originally purchased it with a Motoko Kusanagi cosplay in mind, but I’m positive it will be getting far more use than that.

Thank you so much for all your hard work in making this beautiful jacket!

- hako
Ohio, USA

Next we have a friendly e-mail from a Silent Bob Coat customer with an intriguing question…

Have received S.B. COAT today. I would like to thank everyone at abbyshot. This coat not only looks like s.b. coat, it is also very well made, looks top quality, first rate. I am very pleased with it and i am sure I will have many years to enjoy it. But one question – the coat came with belt loops, but no belt. What up with this? again many thanks.

- James Williams
Maryland, USA

We asked Bob about this “belt” conundrum, but unfortunately he didn’t have much to say! Smilie: ;)

Reliable sources tell us that the original Silent Bob Coat used in Clerks was bought by Kevin Smith in a New Jersey thrift store. We’re talking about Kevin’s low-budget days before he had such people as “costume designers”. This second-hand overcoat had lost its belt but still had its belt loops, so those belt loops stayed in the picture! Subsequent versions of Silent Bob’s Coat kept those belt-less loops as well, and when we had one of Kevin’s costume coats here at AbbyShot Headquarters back in 2004 we replicated all the details (including belt loops!) 100% accurately as a wearable coat.

So that’s the story on those belt loops. Throw on a Jay and Silent Bob flick and you’ll see them – or better yet – pick up an AbbyShot Silent Bob Coat to wear it for yourself!

Finally, we have a message from a happy Enigma customer who pointed out something interesting about his new Organization XIII coat. Here’s Joel!

THIS THING RULES!!!!!!! I have a bit of trouble with the zipper but the coat is awesome! The pleather almost feels exactly like real leather (I have real leather to compare it to). A wonderful buy, very warm, very stylish, will definitely shop here again when I have the money. Thanks a ton abbyshot!

- Joel
Washington State, USA

Thank YOU Joel Smilie: :) This is a good point he makes about the Enigma zipper: it does take a bit of getting used to. The reason being: it’s a super-long (and super-cool) two-way zipper unlike anything you’ve seen before! When zipping up the coat you need to make sure that you have pushed the zipper through BOTH zipper tabs so it catches properly and the upper zipper tab can then zip all the way up. If you then want to leave the zipper open near the bottom of the coat, you need only pull up the lower zipper tab to the desired height. The picture on the left should show you what I’m talking about: you get an Enigma coat that’s ready for action! Smilie: ;)

Thanks so much for another month’s worth of great e-mails, and if you’ve recently bought an AbbyShot product then hopefully we’ll be seeing your review here next month!

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