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At AbbyShot, we’re always thinking about offering you better service – and this time we’ve really gone above and beyond. We used to offer you various shipping options, but no more! This new shipping method is so great, you won’t need pesky things like “choices”.

  • Are you tired of receiving your AbbyShot packages in a timely manner?
  • Are you sick of using trustworthy and well-known shipping companies?
  • Do you enjoy the odour of barnyard animals?

If any of the above apply to you, try our new shipping service:

Donkey Express.

Donkey Express - the Newest Sensation in International Shipping!Using a new shipping company called “Donkey Handling and Logistics”, we’re offering you the least expensive shipping service known to man. We can’t guarantee that you’ll receive your item in time (or receive it in one piece, or AT ALL for that matter) but we do guarantee that you’ll save a few bucks!

Best of all – it’s good for the environment (well, we assume so anyway).

Donkey Express – the only shipping option you need!

So have we got you convinced?

Oh, one final note:

Happy April Fool’s Day! Smilie: ;)

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