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When we release a new design here at AbbyShot, we’re not 100% satisfied until we hear what you, the customers, think of it!

We sent out the very first Foxhound Coats earlier this month. Once they were received by those lucky first customers, we just HAD to check in with a friendly message. All ours worries were soon put to rest…The Metal Gear Solid Inspired Foxhound Coat is Getting Rave Reviews!

Hey, I got your message, wondering about how I liked the FOXHOUND coat…

“File your field report ASAP, soldier – over and out!”

No one tells ME what to do! Not now that I’m wearing the coat of Liquid Snake! This is such an awesome coat. I went into a Surplus store around three years ago to get a coat like this one because I wanted one but sadly there wasn’t one. Only a black trench coat…

Not a problem anymore!!! The color, the shoulder-pads, the way the lapel can be open or closed and look just like Liquid’s coat; it’s all there. You guys and gals have LITERALLY made that dream of mine a reality!

I like how while it’s a good coat, it’s not built like a parka, so I won’t have to wait until Winter just to try it on.

The minute after I put my coat on I found myself glancing at the top of the delivery box; “Clothing that’s cooler than real life” I couldn’t agree more.

A good thing for possible buyers to know is that if for any reason the shoulder pads looked strange in the pictures to them it’s only because it wasn’t in the field with an operative!!!

Thanks once again for this coat, I’ve almost kissed my computer during the review it’s so good… er, I mean shot it. Like a true patriot.

- Shinigami, USA

Thank you, sir! That’s what we like to hear, folks Smilie: ;)

Here’s another of our many great reviews from a brand new FOXHOUND member:

I’m proud to say that I’m reporting for duty in my FOXHOUND coat as we speak! It arrived today in prime condition. The quality is fantastic and it fits like a glove! The material is exceptionally comfortable and looks identical to the ones worn by FOXHOUND members Liquid, Ocelot, and Mantis in Metal Gear Solid. I’m very happy with my purchase! I’ll be wearing this coat on a day to day basis for years. I’ll definitely be ordering from Abbyshot again soon! Thank you gentlemen, I look forward to combating the Patriots in my very own FOXHOUND coat effective immediately! Long live Outer Heaven!

Thanks again,

Solidus, USA

Long live Outer Heaven indeed! Thanks so much to all the Metal Gear Solid fans that have written so far – keep your reviews coming! And if you haven’t signed up for your Foxhound Coat yet – what are you waiting for? Smilie: :)

One final note: We need pictures of the Foxhound Coat “in the field”! Who’s up to the challenge?

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