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This past month, a few good Metal Gear Solid fans reported for duty! They field-tested their new Foxhound Coats, as requested by AbbyShot High Command, then they sent us the pictures to prove it (recently declassified of course!). Just click the thumbnails to see larger versions.

First up for roll call is Solidus. You may recall his memorable words from our most recent blog post featuring the first Foxhound Coat reviews:

“Thank you gentlemen, I look forward to combating the Patriots in my very own FOXHOUND coat effective immediately! Long live Outer Heaven!

- Solidus, USA

Great photo, Solidus!

Next we have a field agent on the other side of the ocean in a little-known Kingdom that appears to be called “United”. We’re waiting for more intel on that one. Smilie: ;)

“Hello every one at Abbyshot. Just writing to you all to say i got my Foxhound coat today. It was even better than i thought it would be.

So THANK YOU so much, I look forward to seeing/buying more of your GEAR (no pun intended) in the future.

I hope your Company continues to produce amazing clothing for a hundred years!

Loyally yours,
Shibito Snake, UK”

Good stuff!

The final photo (and review) for this month comes from the single greatest supporter of our Foxhound Coat, the one and only Snake. We were waiting with bated breath to see what he thought of HIS new coat. Luckily, we were not disappointed:

“Hey AbbyShot,

I got my coat yesterday, I love it. Three and a half years in the making, and my hard work finally pays off. It looks awesome and it fits great. Thanks so much for everything, you’ve been so helpful.

I want to reiterate, everything worked out perfect with it. It fits great, it’s not tight at all, I can move around in it fine, and it sits on my shoulders/hangs perfect without looking like something that jumped out of the 80s. Excellent work.

I’ll try to get more/better quality photos in the right environment soon enough, so keep your eyes open.”

- Snake, USA

… And AbbyShot breathes a sigh of relief Smilie: :)

Thanks to all the Metal Gear Solid fans who sent in pictures this month. If you don’t have your own Foxhound Coat yet – you know what to do!

We love seeing customer pics, so keep them coming! If you haven’t sent us a photo yet, just email it in. Hopefully we’ll see you here on the blog by next month!

This is AbbyShot saying: Keep fighting the good fight.

Over and out.

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